November 7th, 2008

Jesse Custer

(no subject)

Sam Mendes is apparently attached to direct a movie version of Preacher.

I, personally, think this is a pretty bad idea.  The sprawling, far-ranging, episodic nature of the story is one of the things about Preacher that makes it so good; it would have been perfect for an hour-long HBO series.  It can probably be made to work in a feature-length film format, but I don't think it will work well.  While I'm on the subject, I feel the same way about a movie adaptation of Y: The Last Man, except I don't think that will work at all.

But, whatever.  This will probably happen regardless of my concerns, in which case I have only one comment for Mr. Mendes --

Dear sir,

If anyone other than Robert Carlyle is even being considered for  the role of Proinsias Cassidy, you are doing it wrong.