December 1st, 2008

J'onn J'onzz

Christmas Mailout '08: Go Time

It's after Thanksgiving, and the Christmas season is officially upon us. I'm hoping the scope of the Xmas Mailout for this year will be a bit bigger than it's been in the past, so I'm starting early this year. Other than that, standard rules apply:

If you want a Christmas card, leave your name and address in the comments. Comments will be screened, so no worries about splashing your address all over the internets. If you want to send me a card as well, say so and I'll reply to your comment with my address.

ETA:  Okay, replying to a screened comment unscreens it, so never mind that last bit.  If you want to send me a card, my address is --

1200 University Blvd, Apt E-2
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401