January 6th, 2009

Self-Portrait 3

SF Pin

I've lost the back off my Hienlein Society pin (for the second time), and the backless pin is in my desk drawer at work.

I'm putting this up because just as sure as I'm sitting here if I don't leave myself a note I'll forget about the damn thing.

Valentine Mailout '09: Get in on the ground floor of a new annual tradition!

That's right, son; I had so much fun sending out Christmas cards that I'm making up an excuse to do it again! And vendors were putting out Valentine's cards the day after new year's, so apparently it's okay to already be thinking about this.

If you want a Valentine's Day card, leave your name and address in the comments. Comments will be screened, so no worries about splashing your address all over the internets. If you want to send me a card as well, feel free to do so. Let me know if you don't have my address from last time.