January 27th, 2009

Can We Fix It?

Maybe all I needed was a the distance that four years brings. Typical.

I spent a large part of today reading old entries in my lj, mostly stuff from 2004. I started out looking for a particular comment that Jayme had made and then I just sort of got sucked in. I had completely forgotten how much I used to write in this journal. I don't just mean the number of entries, but the sheer volume of stuff that I would write when I would post an entry.

Some (many) of them just natter on and on and on; more than one entry is better than a half a page of discussion, filled with such cryptic and roundabout references that I have NO IDEA what I was actually talking about. But some of it -- I'm thinking of one entry in particular here, tho' it's more than just the one -- is actually good.

I wonder if my skills can be re-honed to the point where I can write stuff worth reading again, or if that edge is gone forever.
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