February 12th, 2010

Self-Portrait 3

The (Semi-) Daily Twit

  • 22:45 Acquired @ Publix: a box of Apple Jacks, a box of Corn Pops, a bag of Cheetos, a bag of pork rinds, microwave popcorn and 3lb of Laffy Taffy
  • 22:45 Those people must think I'm fucking *baked*
  • 06:23 The National Weather Service today issued a we are a bunch of lying liars who tell lies warning.
  • 06:24 This warning means that conditions are favorable for You are not getting any snow and You will still have to get up and go to frelling work.
  • 06:33 In light of checking my email and finding out that I actually *don't* have to go to work today,
  • 06:33 I'd like to take this opportunity to offer a twitteretraction and a twitapology to the National Weather Service.
  • 06:34 Also, I suppose this sequence of events has outed the fact that the VERY first thing I do in the morning is look at Twitter :-)
  • 07:10 Maybe with the extra day my vendors will get an actual engineer in to *repair* my machines instead of a service tech to do a stopgap fix.
  • 08:30 It's snowing all up in this bitch.
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