April 17th, 2010

Self-Portrait 3

The (Semi-) Daily Twit

  • 10:04 There's a stage with a stock car on it and two trucks blaring loud horrible music in the Publix parking lot. Seriously, fuck you.
  • 10:07 God DAMN I could use a phaser right now. Because, you know, I don't want to =kill= anybody? But this shit needs to not be happening.
  • 12:19 The crappy music being blasted has changed from shitty new pop to shitty new country. I pretty much HAVE to shoot someone at this point.
  • 12:29 oh god this shit is wretched. Fucking TOBY KEITH. and WHINY Toby Keith at that.
  • 13:28 Country music from outside just abruptly stopped. It wasn't me.
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