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Let's see what Rhapsody thinks of as "Hard Rock"

-- Then again, let's don't. Eddie Money? I think emphatically not.

-- I was fully prepared to follow Jayme's advice and have fried chicken and corn for dinner, but went to the store to acquire said chicken and corn and I just couldn't do it. I was full-on Rodney King'd by a crushing wave of apathy/laziness/indifference that was almost certainly precipitated by the sight and sound of the not one not two but three white trash couples/singles and the squalling, screaming, crying "mommy doesn't know how to follow up that 'no' with a switch across the legs" entitlement-case welfare broods they were dragging behind them. I brought a bag of cookies and some deoderant so my perilous and harrowing journey to the Publix would not be in vain, and left. It's Boston Market lasagne for me. I think tomorrow I might get myself some fresh corn and a steak. Then again I had a steak yesterday. Maybe some fish.
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