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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
Well, those PlayStation 3 pics are real, Spider-Man font and all.

I still don't like that controller.

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From the aerial shot you posted of the controllers, it seems likely that the arms curve down at the ends, which would make it pretty similar to the current controller design. But maybe you already thought of that.

Like the sailor said to the barmaid, don't judge it 'til you hold it.

Sailor? Barmaid? Oh, you mean you and Burt.

But seriously, I said pretty much the same thing to Dave earlier today. About the controller. This is sort of a conversation, but the pieces of it are scattered. Gotta catch 'em all if you wanna keep up!

I think the controller looks cool! Like a spaceship.

But then again, I still haven't gotten used to the PS2 controller. I played for too much Nintendo and Super Nintendo as a kid to ever really get used to the whole dual-joystick thing, sadly.

Oh, what color would you get it in?

I would get white, I think.

Black, of course. Silly rabbit :-P

You're creating a new DnD character. What is your alignment?

Either Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral.

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