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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
Sweet mercy, I'm as bored as sweaty balls. I got back from lunch frelling six days ago, yet for some reason it's only 3:40.

It may be time to hit up eBay for the ol' Twelve Dolla Holla.

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When I get bored at work, I see how many of the states I can list out without checking. Lame, I know, but it does kill time. At least until you can name them all - kinda goes downhill from there.

Do you like crossword puzzles? I have a subscription to nytimes for them. I'll give you the log-in if you want.

Unfortunately, no. Her absolute love of crosswords is one personality trait I didn't pick up from my mother.

Or abuse by Will, as the case may be. Also, how'd you do that?

Hmm. How did I do what? I think I just totally got confused.

You sent me something that popped into my inbox as a lj comment, yet I don't see it here. You must have mad skillz of some sort.

I'm a ninja-warrior. HWA!

Actually, I deleted the comment right after I made it, so that no one else could abuse my crossword log-in. It's reserved for special people only.

*Beams proudly because he is special*

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