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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
Tell me your absolute favorite movie.

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A tie between Kung Fu Hustle and Fight Club.

I think we've spoken about them before.

Fight Club is a visual fucking masterpiece. The storyline's very compelling to the disaffected American males raised by single women who have no outlet for their aggressive tendencies. It's frequently misunderstood, and remains Palahniuk's best work as he delves more and more into quirky, turgid tales of the supernatural. The movie's about emotional catharsis, and the quest for it. The soundtrack's awesome, entirely scored by the Dust Brothers with the exception of two appropriately placed songs by Tom Waits and The Pixies, respectively. Fincher was able to improve on the written work in the adaptation, rather than taking it by rote as many directors do.

Kung Fu Hustle is a visual fucking masterpiece. The fact that almost all the characters are goofy, freakish caricatures lends legitimacy to Chow's cartoonish aspirations. He dispels every potentially awkward moment with a joke, and takes each joke farther than expected. It corrects all the problems Shaolin Soccer had - chiefly, an overlong exposition before the main story arc and paying too much attention to the love story. The Beast is one of the greatest villains in martial arts cinema, as well. Kung Fu Hustle takes the wire fu and artful elegance of "martial arts" movies like Zhang Yimou has been putting out, and uses it less self-indulgently.

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