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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
I need a new suitcase and a good watch; suggestions?

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There's a joint over in Five Point (Tuscaloosa by the Food World) called Dirt Cheap. They have closeout stuff on sale for... well... dirt cheap. Last time I was in there they had suitcases for about thirty bucks, maybe less.

Damn, Wolfe, you beat me to it! Yes Dirt Cheap is great for luggage. The luggage section is way in the back and to the right. I recently bought a fairly nice gym bag there for $8.00 (reg. price $28). What they lack for selection they make up for in savings.

As far as watches I've always had luck with Timex. The upper-end Timex watches are reliable (I've had one for six years...still ticking), affordable, and easy to find. But then, I also drink Miller Light and kick back Jeam Beam at an alarming rate, so don't go trusting my taste.

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