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I've always wondered what a floating city would look like.
Self-Portrait 3
Most every weather forecast I can find for this weekend is calling for purt'near constant rain between tonight and sometime Monday. I'm all for a good rainy weekend, especially on a weekend like this one where I have no obligations or concerns beyond a dinner date Sunday night. Also, I have a brand spankin' new gigantifuck umbrella that I haven't gotten to use yet. But taking into account all the rain we've gotten in the past two weeks, in addition to Tuscaloosa's drainage system being, well, piss-poor, I'm kinda starting to wish I had a boat. Even, like, a raft or something.

But hey! There's an idea for something else to stick on my utility belt; self inflating emergency flotation devices. Damn, I'm smart.

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a fairly cheap inflata-boat at COSTCO. Saw it last week.

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