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Sunny and muggy and hot. A cloud or two here and there.
Self-Portrait 3
It is becoming increasingly clear to me that weather prognosticatorss determine their forecasts by writing 'sunny', 'partly cloudy', 'cloudy', and 'rainy' on the tips of their shoes and pissing into the wind. Whichever gets splattered the most our weather for tomorrow. Therefore I shall herewith begin the days with a weather forecast, which I submit has every bit as much legitimacy as what anything you hear on your local news, because weathermen are no different from professional psychics; they're trained to read a collection of signals and make legitimate-sounding vague statements based on them.

Except for James Spann, obviously. That motherfucker knows shit.

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I know it. You know it. That motherfucker's runnin' the whole goddamn show. When he's not forecasting weather, he's The Man.

That motherfucker knows shit.

There, I fixed it for you. I hate that pigfucker. not for any rational reason, mind you.


Why you hatin' on James Spann? He is the greatest weatherman EVER.

except for that whole "Storm of the Century" shit in '93 - he sure as hell didn't see that one coming.

Holy crap! Okay, now I'm trying to deal with the fact that the blizzard was twelve years ago.

I think I need a moment.

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