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Taste Test
Daredevil Pie
Aquafina's new flavored waters, introduced, I imagine, in response to Coke's Dasani Flavored Water.

--Aquafina Flavor Splash, Citrus Blend -- Tastes like somebody filtered it through an old sock made out of goose dick.

--Aquafina Flavor Splash, Wild Berry -- You can actually taste something that's readily identifiable as "berry flavor", but there's a funky sort of overtaste to it. Not horrible, but still not quantifiable as "good".

--Aquafina Flavor Splash, Raspberry -- Actually tastes like what you expect from an artificially flavored raspberry-flavored food product, but it smells like a car air freshener, and the taste comes with a floor-cleaner-esque backwash.

Verdict: FAIL

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(Deleted comment)
I'll have to try them. I wanted to do a compare and contrast, but all I could find at the store last night was the Aquafina brand.

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