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(no subject)
Black S-Shield
America is the worst place in THE ENTIRE WORLD.

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that is sooooooooo fucked up.

Why is America so bad?

How many of our 300-million residents would denounce this? Damned near all of them.

What percentage of LJers would want this kid strung up and hooked out to dry? Damned near all of them.

How many nations allow men to surgically remove a teenaged girl's clitoris with a blunt rock? Not the United States.

Dude -- I agree that this Cory kid is a repugnant waste of DNA, and isn't worth sparing just to keep plants alive. But America Sucks! is not a warranted response. I am not going to flagellate my psyche over this one.

(Oh, hyperbole. Nevermind.)

You do that on purpose, don't you?

Ever since I discovered how to do the little print, my sarcasm shines through. Sometimes.

I may have to add the "little print" trick to my repetoir. Sarcasm is one of the highest forms of humor, but it doesn't carry over well when you enter the realm of the written word.

I use the BBCode extension for Firefox, as it also has quick shortcuts for XHTML.

The hardcoded way to do it is surround your text with <*span style="font-size: 9px">YOUR TEXT HERE< / span>

You have to remove the * before span, and remove the spaces on either side of the /

Heh. I should have known there was a Firefox extension for it. Crom bless you, Mozilla.

I use that extension more than any other -- mainly to keep my blog nice and pretty on the fly without a lot of strain.

I like that it has custom tags. That's how I can place my images so uniformly and quickly.

Like that American Red Cross logo. Two clicks.

If he's released on bond and then doesn't show up for court, I hope they don't send a K-9 unit to round him up.

Damn, that's some crazy fucked up shit.

I agree! Why can't we abide by acceptable modes of decency?

If we Americans had any sense of shame or propriety we'd stick to raping sheep like the Scottish and leave the poor like puppy-wuppies alone.

The man raped a dog to death, which is indecent by anyone's standards. At least the Scots treat their sheep tender like a lover should.

I feel bad for the dog, but they barely mention the two girls in the article. Strikes me a bit odd.

(Deleted comment)

You fuckin' slay me, man.

That was some good stuff.

(Deleted comment)
What is this, Raise the Dead or something? Or do all you people in hiding just come out for the lethal bestiality rape?

Mother will be calling.

Re: Seriously folks...

I was thinking the same exact thing. What gets the most attention of anything I've ever put on my livejournal? Dogrape.

So sad, so sad.

Re: Seriously folks...

Yep. They're comin' out of the goddamn woodwork.

Wherever that came from.

Re: Seriously folks...

I was sitting at work yesterday and for some reason footbamerictruck popped into my head. I had problems containing my laughter. All the Danes were confused.

Shit, hold on, I'm coming out the woodwork too! Don't want to miss this party.

Now that was a poor piece of journalism, imo. Maybe it's just the novelist in me, but I want more info. I want to know how these people reacted when they saw this dude fucking their dog. What did they say to him? "Dudekins, please do not molest my retriever." And what the hell's this guy's story, cause he's certainly messed up.

Man, just look at the guy. I think that's all the story anyone needs right there.

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