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Self-Portrait 3
Ask me anything you would like to know, and I will answer your question truthfully and to the best of my ability.

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You've answered this question already, but:

1) How much longer you got with the soul-sucking job?

2) What you gonna do when you're done?

1) My time with a soul-sucking job is at an end. My soul is boundless and free and unfettered by any concern for or about something so mundane as my job. I could work here untroubled for the rest of my days.

2) When I leave, I'm going to pursue a degree in the information sciences. Most likely LIS, but perhaps MIS. Or both, if I can't actually make up my mind.

1) Why is your soul now boundless and free and unfettered? The more specific the implementation details, the better.

2) Where do you want to study LIS/MIS?

1) My soul has always been boundless. So is yours, so is everyones. It's just taken me a shade over thirty-one years to figure it out.

2) If I go for LIS, which I most likely will, I'll either stay/return to UA. We have a very good one-year LIS Master's program here.

But, how did you figure it out?

I honestly don't know. It's of course a little more complicated than that, but like I said, I'll go into that later. Love you.

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