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Puff Piece

I went over to Michael's house (or his parent's house now, I guess; he and Sandra don't actually live there anymore, do they?) for grilling-out lunch, and to catch up with him and Sandra. They're doing good, enjoying living in Florida. I got to talk to him more than her, so I suppose it's a good thing I'm on my way back over there to blow shit up. She and I can catch up more then.

Just got back from Shelli's birthday party, which was fun, since it consisted of, for some reason, her cooking huge amounts of food for us. It's great fun to have eaten well today off food that other people have cooked for me.

Heading home tomorrow for the fourth, which will entail yet more home-cooked deliciousness. More later, if I can get my internet connection to work. Which is a bit doubtful.
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