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Holy Shit!
Her name is Aneesa, and she is officially the only useful human at Comcast customer service.

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I know you'd like to have her baby, but it's a long way to Bhopal.

Ooooh, harsh.

Also, why does your son want to strip the flesh from my bones and devour my soul?

It was part of a sequence. Brenda was getting Ryan's picture, and he made a mad dash for the flash.

Alas, he did climb and defeat my wife in mortal combat.

And of course, you pick the one where he looks absolutely evil, as opposed to any of the adoreable ones.

What can I say... I've got to keep my girl on here, and I'm a cheap bastard with only three pics in the library.

Oh, I understand. I approve, even.

But speaking of your girl, how's she doing?

Much better, thank you. She turned three on Tuesday, and we're having the party tomorrow. I may even get a slight reprieve from Dennis, just long enough to attend.

you didn't cancel your service?

Re: Does this mean...

It does indeed.

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