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Wherein I consider my options as to sleep aids

I woke up at three different points on Sunday night, plus I slept fully dressed and in my boots, plus I was keyed up from the storm, so I guess that explains why I was so off-balance yesterday. The really, really vivid dreams I had Sunday night probably didn't help matters, either. The main thrusts of them was kind of an archaeolgical dream, where me and two or three other people were searching for a fighting staff (with a concealed sword, no less) that Jesus had used to kill the King of the Vampires. I got into a massive fight with Sam, either as part of the staff dream or as another dream that the staff dream segued into, that was one of the most vivid dreams I've ever had. He gave me a pretty good rake with his claws that I blocked with my arm, and when I woke up my entire arm was badly stinging, from my elbow to my knuckles. I don't know who won the fight, because me blocking his claw attack and punching him in the face is the only bit of the fight I can recall.

Also completely separate from these two was a dream where I was washing Shelli's feet, which... yeah.
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