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Wherein I consider my options as to sleep aids
Wesley Dodds
I woke up at three different points on Sunday night, plus I slept fully dressed and in my boots, plus I was keyed up from the storm, so I guess that explains why I was so off-balance yesterday. The really, really vivid dreams I had Sunday night probably didn't help matters, either. The main thrusts of them was kind of an archaeolgical dream, where me and two or three other people were searching for a fighting staff (with a concealed sword, no less) that Jesus had used to kill the King of the Vampires. I got into a massive fight with Sam, either as part of the staff dream or as another dream that the staff dream segued into, that was one of the most vivid dreams I've ever had. He gave me a pretty good rake with his claws that I blocked with my arm, and when I woke up my entire arm was badly stinging, from my elbow to my knuckles. I don't know who won the fight, because me blocking his claw attack and punching him in the face is the only bit of the fight I can recall.

Also completely separate from these two was a dream where I was washing Shelli's feet, which... yeah.

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Weird dreams are all over the place these days.

Last night at Wal-Mart, once again fantasized about taking a flaming sword and enchanted mace to the place. It was a good vision.

Again with the Wal-Mart bashing. Don't hate, appreciate.

Last week, I broke down and bought $10 worth of groceries there last week. The first apple I pulled out of my sack of red deliciouses was half-mushified and shit-brown. When I went yesterday, Shane pointed out the plastic french fry holders they sell that you can clip onto the cupholders in your car.

I'll appreciate with my enchanted mace that explodes everything it strikes, thanks.

Do you know why this happened? Because you crossed the threshold with anger in your heart.

You ever notice how I'm the only one who never has a bad Wal-Mart experience? Wal-Mart is like the Force Cave on Dagobah. What you find inside is what you bring with you.

Wal_mart brings out the worst in our culture, then elevates it by killing everything else. Wal-Mart does well when our economy is bad, and isn't doing as well now that things are looking up. Wal-Mart effects the closing of all the cool little stores where you can buy good shit, and replaces it with the opportunity to buy cheap, crappy shit. Wal-Mart has a long history of overworking and underpaying its workers, and is notorious for bullying its suppliers. Wal-Mart is filled with the stupid, close-minded, willfully arrogant bastards that you and I hate and avoid at every turn.

Wal-Mart takes a once-over, generalist approach to everything, offering the cheapest, most bastardized breeds of once-cool stuff. Wal-Mart brings us the inability to find a copy of the Tao te Ching, but as many copies of the book adaptation of Mr. 3000 as we can carry. Goldfish that die within two weeks, and 1000-calorie salad dressing. Wal-Mart is to American consumerism what Maxim is to a healthy attitude toward sex.

An NBC undercover team found that Wal-Mart stores record an average 10% "accidental" overcharge rate at the checkout counter. Wal-Mart has a history of sucking money out of small towns, to the point of collapse.

A Wal-Mart refused Chris Brown entry for not wearing shoes when he was a forest fire refugee seeking to buy shoes.

Wal-Mart is representative of everything that is going wrong with Tuscaloosa - ten hot wings restaurants, but no decent book store. A dozen dipshit frat bars, but no decent record store. Wal-Mart is shitty remakes of original movies, and a pack of teenagers lauding Fred Durst for writing that quirky single of his, "Behind Blue Eyes." Tearing down a rock garden and putting up a drive-thru abortion clinic / puppy mill. Wal-Mart is the smiling, roll-back face of Saruman.

Gnawing, biting, hack and burning, destroyers and usurpers, curse them!

Flaming sword. Enchanted mace.

"And that... is why you fail."

In Transmetropolitan, the Beast criticized Spider for running away, saying that he was a pansy, because the city was what you made of it.

Spider responded by saying that Haller was in a high position of power, and was using it to turn the city into a shithole, to make his wet dream a reality.

That's how I feel about Wal-Mart. It's not my presence in the place that bothers me, but Wal-Mart's presence in the world. Like a grinning, bug-eyed date rapist we pay to watch the kids cook, so they don't burn themselves.

I dunno. I could be completely wrong, and the prices are just too good to pass up, and I'm just being a whiny liberal snob. But Yoda did describe the Dark Side as quicker, easier, and more seductive.

You seem to be blaming Wal-Mart for existing in the crappy world that brought it about. It's not his fault he was born different.

Hey, are you changing icons on purpose, or is that just my browser switching it up when I look at the refreshed page?

I'm running through them trying to find one that doesn't offend me for the moment. I really want to get rid of the majority of the ones I have now and make some new ones, but my free time is too valuable to fritter away two or three hours looking for pictures and turning them into icons. It'd be a perfect project for killing the boredom at work, except I don't have photoshop on my workstation.

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