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And by "go to bed", I mean "have the sex"

I just woke up from a very odd dream. I was at home, home home, by myself in the house, but only because my family was gone somewhere (where was unknown to me at the time, but it didn't seem to matter and I was sure they were coming back); I was there with a very petite Chinese girl who was my girlfriend/wife, who's name I either didn't know or just can't remember now. She looked very very familiar to me, but she wasn't anyone that I (in real life) know. I was living at home in the dream, and she had just moved in. She'd emptied out my mother's medicine cabinet and put her things inside, which consisted of filling the bottom shelf with dental floss, disposable razors, and those weird little things that look like miniature cheese slicers on one end and toothpicks on the other. We kept trying to go to bed, in my mother's old bed that she got rid of years and years ago, but people kept calling us and interrupting us, once to see if we wanted to go eat dinner and once to see if we could come solve a mystery. Solving mysteries was apparently our job, since that one we got up and put our clothes back on to go do. I also made a dinner that we never got to eat which consisted of frying up whole pig's heads that were about the size of plums. During the course of solving the mystery we were somehow led back to our own house, and I tried to put them in a container and save them for later, but I ended up ruining two shirts by staining them with grease, because somehow they were still hot.

I woke up confused and thristy, only to find the half-bottle of pepsi I left sitting on my desk when I went to bed last night lying on its side, empty. I have absolutely no memory of drinking it.
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