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Self-Portrait 3
-- Half-Blood Prince is so far turning out to be a fairly quick read. I just started it in earnest last night and I'm already halfway done with it. I'll be done with it before the end of the week, especially if don't have anything to do Thursday night.

-- I made some cornbread tonight that turned out a lot better than I expected it to. It also served to put the spotlight on a couple of the deficiencies in my kitchen staff; I could really use a good chef's knife and a pair of kitchen shears.

-- Seriously, I can't say this enough; if you're not watching Justice League Unlimited, then you're deficient as a human being. This week's episode was fantastic, as well as more than making up for the way they've been criminally underusing the Flash all season.

-- Plans proceed at a frightening pace for massive ridiculosity in the month of November. Details, unfortunately for you all, will be forthcoming.

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I'll have to concur. Although I don't catch it regularly enough, JLU is one of my favorite shows out there. My Marvel can't put out a decent series like this or Teen Titans is quite beyond me.

You should do what I do. I'm NEVER at home at 8 on a Saturday night, so I just make a point of taping it. They also rerun the new eps at 9:30 on Sunday nights (albiet in fullscreen). Unfortunately this week's episode is the season finale, and it might actually be the last episode of the series.

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