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"The rock has to be in order, bro!"
Self-Portrait 3
-- Wow. Just... wow. This is fantastically shitty. It makes me glad we're not going to have to ride MARTA at the Freak Kennel this year. It also very sadly reminds me of one my favorite quotes, from Benjamin Franklin: "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

-- Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's kid is going to be a set of arms and legs attached to a massive forehead, a jawline that can shatter mountains, and a mouth with four rows of huge teeth. Poor thing.

-- As you're going to bed tonight, count your blessings; at least you're not this guy.

-- Have some nerd art.

-- My life is in such a weird place right now. More details to come, when it's not so close to bedtime.

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"Ant colonies show remarkably coordinated behavior, despite lacking any direction from a well-informed central controller. Each worker instead applies simple decision rules to limited knowledge, and exchanges information with her neighbors using rudimentary cues and signals. From this process emerge the construction of complex nests, collective decisions among food sources, the adaptive allocation of labor across tasks, and many other group accomplishments."

Sounds like us.

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