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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
See, shit like this is why everybody hates America. How in the shit does this rate being on the front page of cnn.com? I mean, yeah, they got nice titties (especially the one in the blue), but for fuck's sake. There is absolutely NO WAY in which this is important.

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See, shit like this is why everybody hates America.

So, will you please tell me how it is that my friends page is causing anti-Americanism, and has been linked to on CNN?

Thanks for fixing the link. Now people won't hate my friends.

I think you are over-reacting. There is a simpler solution.

"The sisters' trip to London was the culmination of a summer abroad for Katie Benton, who arrived in Kenya in early June to work with a group helping locals learn to protect their crops from wildlife."

You just made my day.

That thing is hilarious.

The one in the blue...

just seems better looking all-around. At least from that photo.

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