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Still stuck at work.
Self-Portrait 3
What should I eat for dinner tonight, after I finally break my rusty cage?

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Food would be the obvious vote.

That said....

I vote for pork chops and potatos. Mmmm....

I cast my vote (too late) for...

Chicago-style deep dish from Pizzeria Uno. Had some just the other day. Fuckin' unbelievable. As usual.

If I still lived in Tuscaloosa and had to go eat somewhere early in the moring, you KNOW it would be City Cafe. If it was late in the evening, probably Waffle House, the newer one near Hooters. Hmmm...

Nice Blog.

Mike Ray

I much prefer the old-school Awful Waffle on McFarland. The one near Hooter's is too corporate. Still, it's far better than the IHOP down the street.

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