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"And what's on the agenda for this evening, sir?"
Self-Portrait 3
-- Buy stamps

-- Check mail

-- Fart in Hatch's general direction

-- Eat dinner

-- Wash dishes

-- Clean off my desk

-- Email Jojo

-- Email Shelli

-- Email Leigh

-- Address and stamp SASEs for movie passes

-- Write Bess a letter

-- Exercise

-- Work out

-- Go for a run (?)

-- Pay the rent

-- Perform the Warrior Ritual of Purification

-- Finish V for Vendetta

Of course, this is all contingent on me getting off work before 9 tonight, which really isn't looking all that likely at this point.

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You forgot :

-- Spank the monkey.
-- While thinking of Burt.
-- Burt in a thong that is.
-- Curse Hatch.

Methinks I shall also...

fart in Hatch's general direction.

Because of that Burt stuff.

So I'm guessing that running item won't get done anytime soon...

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