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Jesus. I swear.

So, a few hours ago, I get it in my head that I'll order myself some Steak Out for dinner. No particular reason, I just felt like doing it. I decide to be nice and wait for the storm to blow over, so I don't have to drag some poor delivery guy out into the torrential downpour, and I call them up a bit before six. The first guy who answers the phone haltingly takes my phone #, name, and address, and then I get "Sir, can you hold on for a second? This keyboard isn't working."

"Yeah, okay." And then I sit on hold for six minutes, and someone completely different picks up. This second guy to answer the phone is a girl, and we get past the phone # and to the name before we hit a snag.

"Can I get your last name, sir?"


"Spell that for me?"

"Sure. C-O-C-K-R-"

"Excuse me?! Who the hell do you think you're talking to?" --CLICK--

And the really sad part is, completely random utterly stupid bullshit like that happens to me all the fucking time. It doesn't even surprise me anymore.
Tags: food, life
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