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Self-Portrait 3
I want a piggybank.

Not a metaphorical piggybank, a small secretive depostitory for random bits of monies with an opening just small enough to fit said monies through that can only be accessed in the event of an emergency, but a real-life honest-to-Crom ceramic pig that I have to bust open so I can get to my cheddar.

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Today's penny-arcade dealt most agreeable with the amount of monies one can contain within a piggy-bank. Link below:


That was the inspiration of my piggy-bank mania. "Where did you get all this money?" "I steal it from the people I kill." nearly made me weep with laughter.

I used a huge Bombay Sapphire bottle. Bit more expensive than you're looking for, though. Unless you like the Sapphire.

But you can just tip that on the end and dump your change out, can't you? Also, won't it be kind of a pain to sift through the pile of broken glass when you want to get to your money.

When I was a kid I had a Spider-Man piggy bank that was shaped like his head. Solid plastic. I almost sliced off a finger cutting that thing open.

Not if you superglue the lid shut. ;) But yes, the huge shards of broken glass might suck. But at least it would deter you from breaking it prematurely.

I had a Hulk piggy bank. But it had one of those cheater plugs in the bottom.

Spidey for some reason didn't have the cheater plug. That was the only reason I got him instead of the Hulk. It was a hard thing to do to turn my back on my boy like that, but I knew I'd cheat if I had the plug.

Oh totally. My Sapphire jug has mostly pennies left in it. I really should superglue the lid shut. But when I needed wanted it, there was $20 in quarters alone. =)

Hatch Sez

I don't put pennies in my piggy bank. It's an elephant piggy bank that my aunt made for me. It was damaged in the mold and my aunt painted blood all over the wound and put a bandaid on it. She claims a tiger did it since she's an Auburn fan. It has cheat holes and when the wife and kid get into it they say they "borrowed it from the rich elephant."

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