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Sounds familiar to me too, man.
Polar Bear
From a bit on Cinescape this morning--

"Writer Anthony Spinner is suing ABC and Touchstone Television over the series LOST for allegedly taking his concept for a TV show that he worked on for Sid and Marty Krofft Productions."

"Spinner claims he was hired in 1977 to write, develop and produce a show about a group of airplane crash survivors who struggle to survive in a jungle where they encounter strange creatures and dangerous characters (emphasis mine).

"He is seeking 'unspecified damages for claims including breach of contract and fraud.'"

Hurm. I wonder if this guy realizes that if you substitute "shipwreck" for "airplane crash", that was the plot of every episode of Gilligan's Island.

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Good fucking grief. You can't copyright, trademark, or in any other way protect plots. Hell, you can't even copyright novel titles. Trademark, yes. Copyright, no. And very few titles have a copyright. Like they stole an idea from 29 years ago anyway. I'm betting that same plot crossed their desks at least four times in the intervening years from a different author each time, only to get filed away or tossed into the wastebasket. Forgotten each time.

I'd bet a lot more than four. Failed TV pilots have been sort of a hobby of mine since I was in jr high, and "Castaways stuck on a deserted island, but with a twist!" pops up more often that you'd think.

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