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Self-Portrait 3
Attack of the Show is one of the worst things I've ever seen. Chris Gore has all the personality of a big pile of shit, and Kevin Pereira is just kind of a huge ass, tho in his defense he may have just been trying to keep pace with Chris Gore. A guy who hosts a "geeky stuff on the internet" show for a living and a dickhead in a "Pimp my Millenium Falcon" T-Shirt come off like self-hating total asshats when they start saying jerky things about Thundercats fans. As far as I can tell the only good thing about the show is this Sarah Lane chick; during the course of her little five-minute segment she made a 9/11 joke, a workplace shootings joke, and a crack about a chick getting double-teamed. Now that's how you take advantage of the medium of live television.

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The occasionally (and frequently) have Seanbaby as a guest.

Re: Give them some credit

He was also co-hosting for a time.

Re: Give them some credit

I don't usually make a habit of watching it, but I did catch one of the episodes where Seanbaby was co-hosting, and it was far superior to the one I saw last night. I blame Chris Gore, as the segments where he was flying solo were even worse than the ones where he was on-screen with Pereira.

When and where does THIS show come on?

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