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And people wonder why I have no faith in humanity.
Captain America
Remember, kids, white people will find what they need because God loves them and it is good and proper that they do so, but niggers are always stealing your shit.

I saw this on BoingBoing, so it'll be all over the place before too much longer. That being the case, here are links to screencaps of the pics and captions in question in case Yahoo!News decides to up and change them.

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I meant to email you about that yesterday but forgot.

At least the pics are from different sources. Societal bias is bad enough. We don't need blatant media racism.

In general the media is so bias it is ridiculous. That being said, I wonder if the same person was responsible for writing both captions?

Hatch Sez

What about the Samoans stealing our white women?


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