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This is absolutely brilliant.
Wizards of the Coast launches new "Free publicity from ignorant fucking Christians organizing protests" campaign.

I bet the guy who came up with this one got a bonus.

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The conservative Christians will never notice. Librarians in sensitive areas won't touch that. (Trust me. Cooper has told me all about librarian censorship to avoid problems.) Librarians in relaxed areas will pick it up and no one will care. There are actually a number of D&D/RPG afternoon programs and gifted classes already, mostly on the West coast. Smart of them to try to tap into that vibe and spread it. The old D&D is evil thing is largely dead now thanks to games like Everquest and World of Warcraft. It just doesn't have the same umph anymore. You have to dig out the ultra-conservatives to get a response. But that response isn't enough to motivate moderates who see D&D-type stuff often enough when their kids buy Magic cards, Yu Gi Oh, etc. And when they watch fantasy movies and what-not.

Dammit! Our satanic devil-worshippin' hobbies have been mainstreamed!

Yep. You've been co-opted. Time to start eating babies.

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