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(no subject)
Captain America
Any relief center you saw Bush giving a speech in front of this weekend was a carefully staged photo op.

The vile, evil things this man and his administration are capable of no longer surprise me. I guess that means they win.

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If you take a look at his approval rating right now, I don't think that's the case.

Since there's no GOOD time for a wizard-level hurricane to destroy a chunk of civilization, I wish this had happened a year ago. Many said that Bush was a leader who would behave decisively, efficiently and properly in a crisis. I think they're being proven wrong, and any who defend his speed of reaction is just demonstrating blind, contemptible loyalty.

I think every time someone continues to believe that they are not capable of vile things, they win. I think you win against them, at least in the few cubic centimeters in your head, which are just about the only places any of us have left.

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