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Self-Portrait 3
Well, when I finally got home last night, I discovered that at some point during the power outage, my computer died. Dead. Completely lifeless. So I guess I'll be picking up that Mini a little sooner than I'd planned on. Speaking of which, the Apple store educational discount only knocks twenty bucks off the price, which, honestly, is kind of insulting.
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it could just be your power supply

That's what I'm figure it is, and me and Poobie are going to sit down tonight and crack it open to figure it for sure,but still. I really don't have any desire to replace the power suppy in my machine, especially considering that it's a five year old HP box. I'd have to find one first.

that's true. You wanted to replace it anyway.

But still, you may want to retrieve your files. Unless you have another computer you can borrow with an empty hard drive slot.

sorry. You know more about computers than I do. I worked in tech-services for a while, and I'm used to talking to people that don't know much about them. I'll shut up.

Don't kid yourself, if you've actually worked tech support before then it's fairly certain you know more than I do.

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