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Self-Portrait 3
Nintendo finally unveils the Revolution controller.

I don't think there's much room for a middle ground here; this is either a paradigm shift in video gaming or completely batshit looney. I'm not even going to try to pass judgement as to which.

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I hadn't seen it, thanks for the link.

I think that thing will rock when the game is made specifically to take advantage of it. As for games that are made with, say 360 or PS3 controllers in mind, it'll be fair to sucky.

And who makes games only for Nintendo? Yup, Nintendo. So the next Zelda will be awesome and so on. I can imagine waving that thing around like a sword hilt, and I's liking it.

But third parties who are trying to develop cross-platform aren't going to be able to match big N. That's a classic Nintendo play. Can you imagine playing Soul Calibur 3 with it?

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