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(no subject)
Polar Bear
Time is a luxury that none of us has.

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Amen to that. If only I could find my way to live by it.

I hope you find it before something unfortunate forces it to find you.

...or, rather, time is a resource that all of us have. A precious, limited, resource.

That's why liberals in the government want to regulate it.

I think your son wants to eat it. He is secretly a Langolier.

Tiiiiiiiiiimmmmeee is on my side. Yes it is.

I've had that stuck in my head all day.

That song makes me so happy. I like listening to it on unhurried road trips.

Really? I have an .mp3 of it that I filed on a playlist called "Melancholy". It's always made me sad, but I honestly couldn't tell you why.

I'll practically guarantee it's a matter of association. I've got a lot of that.

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