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Oh, for fuck's sake
Self-Portrait 3
I found this on Script Sales today. Emphasis mine --

Title: Untitled Diamond-Weissman Comedy
Log Line: A guy misbehaves to an alarming degree. (Seriously, what the fuck does that even mean?)
Writer: David Diamond and David Weissman
Agent: David Kramer of UTA
Buyer: New Line Cinema
Price: High-six against seven-figures
Genre: Comedy
Logged: 9/30/05
More: Pitch, based on an original idea by Andrew Panay. Tapestry Films' Andrew Panay, Peter Abrams & Robert Levy will produce.


I hate you. I hate you so very, very much.

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Jason and I were once talking about the chances of California sinking into the ocean. I expressed my hypothetical disappointment, since that would destroy Hollywood. Jason was quick to point out that all the movies I REALLY like were made in Asia and New Zealand anyway. He was right.

Fuck Hollywood.

However: hot damn, they might be making The Monkey Wrench Gang! Maybe ELF's one of the investors. One can dream.

Oh well. At least you'll be able to get us into a preview screening for this crap.

And yes to The Monkey Wrench Gang, but I'm not going to get REALLY excited until they make a Superweasel movie.

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