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(no subject)
Captain America
What's that? Appoint someone who actually has judicial experience of any kind to the Supreme Court? That's crazy talk!

So, John Roberts has been a judge for a little more than two years, and he gets appointed Chief Justice. Harriet Miers has never been a judge at all, and she gets nominated to fill the Court's empty slot. I suppose if he has to appoint another justice he'll just grab somebody fresh out of law school and be done with it. Get in there, Katie Terry! If the other justices can just hang on until after you graduate, you've got a shot!

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The Democratic leadership wanted her.

I'm guessing there was some kind of understanding reached with Harry Reid.

Get enough of your people to cross over and support my chief nominee - who's going to be confirmed anyway - and I'll give you the associate you want.

And the beat goes on.


Once Souter retires next month, Bush will be announcing my nomination to the Court. I don't think there's anything that would stop me from sitting even without graduating! And you will all be required to refer to me as "Your Honor." For example, you might say "Your Honor, I don't think you need that second bottle of Tequilla."

-Katie Terry

But you already make me call you Your Honor. I thought everybody had to do that.

Actually, you can kiss

my hairy white ass. I ain't calling nobody "your honor."

Hugs 'n' Snuggles,


Re: Actually, you can kiss

Please refrain from talking about your hairy white ass, as it makes Baby Jesus cry.

The Management

Re: Actually, you can kiss

fine, fine. your house, your rules.

Re: Actually, you can kiss

Of course you realize, this rule only applies to you ;-)

Hatch Sez

Oh, so it's OK for me to talk about my hairy white ass then? You don't have to be a lawyer or a judge to serve on the supreme court. As long as you're a citizen and old enough anyone could do it if they could get approved by the Senate.

Your hairy white ass exists to me only as an empirical concept. I actually have to see Poobie on a fairly regular basis.

Re: Hatch Sez

What about my hairy white ass, then?


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