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Self-Portrait 3
Supernatural doesn't have an opening titles sequence. The title flashes up white on a blue-black background, something spooky happens, then we join up with the two leads. They run the credits for the episode over the "catching up with the leads" scene.

I like it.

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Hopefully this is the beginning of a new trend.

Title sequences: Who needs 'em!

Not I.

I watched the first couple episodes. Not bad.

Hatch Sez

My daughter and I have been watching Supernatural. The first episode was great, but I think it's been dropping in quality since. Also, the chick in the pilot was like super, super hot and they had no business killing someone that looks that good in shorts. That's why Poobie is still alive for God's sake!

I agree with you that the subsequent eps haven't been as good as the pilot, but they haven't been bad or anything. On top of that it's a brand-new show, so maybe they haven't hit their stride yet. Plus, they earned a good bit of slack from me when they pulled out a wendigo as the MOTW. They get pretty serious geek points for that one.

Lost doesn't have a title sequence either, which I like.

Really? Cool. I didn't know that.

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