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"This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time"
Self-Portrait 3
So I figured, why not share it with you?

One of the things I do every day, as a part of my daily routine, is go through my Gold Box offers on Amazon.com. For those of you who don't know, the "Gold Box" is ten special deals you get when you sign into your Amazon account, rotated out daily. Once you let one go by, it's gone, and if you buy one, that's it 'til the next day, and if you wait more than an hour, you lose your special "Gold Box" price. Theoretically, the items offered to you are selected based on the kind of things you've purchased from Amazon in the past, the stuff that's on your wish list, how frequently you shop at Amazon, and a host of other factors, so they're custom tailored to you and your tastes.

Anyway, either my tastes are just too eclectic for them to easily categorize, or their system is totally buggered, because they offer me some of the weirdest shit. Usually I do this sometime in the morning, but for some reason I'm just now getting around to it. Let's see what they've got for me today, shall we?

Audioslave -- I already bought this CD. The first time they put it in my gold box.

Cannon digital camera -- I deleted a camera from my wish list yesterday, since I already have one. So they assume I'm in the market for one because...?

12-inch non-stick round griddle -- You got me. All I know is that this is about the fourth time they've tried to sell me this thing.

17-inch LCD monitor -- Hurm. Actually makes sense.

12-inch frying pan -- See griddle comments above.

20 GB MP3 player -- See monitor comments above.

10-inch stir-fry pan -- Bloody hell, do these people think I'm a chef?

4-quart programmable pressure cooker -- Well, I guess that answers that question.

Portable book light -- You know, I might could actually use that.

Rabbit corkscrew with foilcutter -- Jesus Christ, this is like the sixth time they've tried to pimp me this same damn corkscrew. Who in the hell needs an eighty dollar corkscrew?

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New Zealand is really friggin' nice. They filmed much of the LOTR movies there, and they also had the Eco-Challenge there last year (a world-class, nonstop, ten day competition in rafting, running, hiking, climbing, and packing).

It's also one of the few regions where mountains, lakes, and the ocean are reasonably close to one another.

"Okay, Tivo gets it, you like PORN."

And yes, I've just realized that the above comment was meant for one of the previous entries for today.


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