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"The whole fuckin' world's against us, dude, I swear to God."
Self-Portrait 3
Can you believe this mother fucking shit?

I hope these people aren't making the mistake of thinking that I'm above going all Roadwork on their asses. 'Cause I'm not.

Then again, I've been playing with the idea of leaving the country anyway, so fuck it.

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Your mom goes roadwork!

1-What a useless bastard to complain about driving all of five or ten minutes to go to the store. People are lazy assholes. This is why Americans are fat, and I don't have compassion for most of them.
2-I have a plan for tonight. Luke and I were thinkning that we'd just order a pizza for Thursday night dinner. So, I'll get the pizza around five-ish. Then, we can hang cable, put your desk together, and whatever else needs to be done until 8:00, at which time I have to go meet up with a kid from class. Sound good?

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