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(no subject)
Polar Bear
August 8, 2008

Wow. The days are already going by faster than I ever would have believed possible.

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Oh god, Dave, it's "your mama"*. I expect that from the plebes, but not you. Anyone but you.

*I mean this both in the sense that "your mama" and not "you're mama" is gramatically correct, and also that it is indeed your mother.

Oh, god no! Does this mean I'm human? :)

Given the amount of wordage I go through on a daily basis, I'm surprised I don't make more errors. Just yesterday I found an improper "their/there" in TIGRESS. I'm less likely to do that one than the your/you're.

And what if I had intended it to be "you are mama?"

And, read your post before last or thereabouts carefully. As I recall, there are whole words missing.

I don't know if you noticed or not, but you're the one with the skillz. I feel entirely justified in holding you to a higher standard :-)

my 10th wedding anniversary?

no shit, it really will be.

-- Axe Murderer

Re: my 10th wedding anniversary?

Wow. That's a complete coincidence. I had no idea.

Tell you what, when it rolls around, I'll get you something.

Re: my 10th wedding anniversary?

Or mayhap not.


already planning an old Malleteer reunion? -- Axe

No, just getting a handle on this "math" thing.

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