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Attention Nerds!
Self-Portrait 3
I need suggestions as to registry cleaners/spyware removers. I'm currently using AVG for my antivirus, ZoneAlarm for my firewall, and Spybot for my spyware removal. I also have Lavasoft AdAware installed, but that's almost certainly been compromised, since LavaSoft got bought out by Gator.

Snark from a Mac user in 3...2...

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Ditto. It found stuff the others left behind, and it updates very well.

And it is still free.

Unfortunately, it's not an option for me, as I'm still running Windows ME. Yeah, I know. Shut it.

I didn't know you had a Mac. What kind have you got?

I have a G4 with a pair of memory upgrade cards and OS X Panther . It's almost seven years old now, but it's as reliable as the day I got it.

That's good to hear. More and more I'm leaning towards my next computer being a Mac Mini.

Add spywareblaster tp ypur computer and enable all protection.


Finally, someone steps up to the plate! Thank you!


I also use "Crap Cleaner", in addition to the ones you and Mike listed. I also downloaded the free version of spware doctor, and it found a few things that the other missed. Unfortunately, they don't update their free version often enough.


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