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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
Here's my new "self-portrait" icon, just because I wanted to practice taking some pictures, and I have hair now.

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Omg, hair!

You look kinda angry there, in a hell boy kind of way.

Take another one. You can easily take a much better picture than that. Try again.

I'm on it, boss. Anything else you want me to do while I'm at it?

Sorry, man. I wrote that, then edited it before submission (either too much or not enough), and didn't realize at the time just how rude and demanding it seemed. All I meant to say was that you can take a much better pic than that.

Awwwwwwww yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

You look mean in that picture.

I can't seem to take a picture of myself where I don't look either like a thug or like a gibbering retard. I'm going with "thug" until I can manage to get a better one.

I always get comments that I look mad or something in pics I take of myself too, I find it's just the face I make while I'm concentrating on taking the damn pic. :) Thanks for ruining my shave my head and be like Will plans btw. :P

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