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Most unfortunate
Luke Cage
I finally gave in to peer pressure and did the "Plug '(your name) was killed by' into Google" meme. First result on the list?

"Will was killed by the Ku Klux Klan."

Fuckin' crackers.

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Did it say how many of them it took to bring you down?

In the absence of any specific number, we must assume that it took all of them.

Apparently I was killed by the Danes. And I do like to think that it took all of them.


A passing train took me out. In fact, many vehicles took me out. Nothing kills Chunns, though.

Apparently nothing kills Cockrells either. Good to know.

I had to go back and make sure I didn't write "...how many of us it took..."

Really don't know why.

Holy crap! Wolfe, did you just come out from under your bedsheet?

I really need to stop drinking when reading your comments. You make me make messes.

(Deleted comment)
Strange, but somehow very fitting.

And there are worse ways to go than in a peasant uprising, I guess.

"unfortunately jayme was killed by a pack of ferocious tazmanian devils"

Thanks for stealing my thunder!

I guess that means it's a good thing you never made it Down Under to visit Leigh.

They're the only assholes stupid enough to not think you are one of the funniest sumbitches there ever was. :)

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