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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
This weekend I'm going to --

-- Finish the big parts of The Great Swap. The TV is going in the nook, my desk is going in front of the window, and the couch is going along the wall on the other side of the 90 degrees from where it is now.**FAIL**

-- Re-string the coax for the cable connection and pull some network cable for the cable modem.**FAIL**

-- Do at least three loads of laundry.

-- Vaccuum and clean the carpet.**FAIL**

-- Mop the floor.

-- Clean the bathroom.

-- Clean out, re-organize and re-stock my refridgerator and my cabinets.

-- Watch Fantastic Four and Transporter 2.

ETA: Is that all? Shit, that's nothing. That can't be everything; I know I'm forgetting at least one thing, if not two.

ETA II: Now I remember --

-- Wash dishes.

-- Bake a meatloaf.

-- (Probably) Finish American Gods.

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Actually, I think you mean your mom. Why do you think I'm not coming up to Birmingham this weekend?

Good one, but I thought you weren't coming because your mom was going to be here. That'd be awkward, you know.

Very nice. You have learned well, grasshoppa.

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