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Quick question for all the ladies in the house
The Black Panther
A small series of back-and-forth emails has just ended with The Brush-Off(tm). Should I respond with "That's cool, maybe we can get together later or something" just for the sake of politeness, or take my kicking like a man and just let the matter drop?

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I vote for complete and total droppage.

You have a johnson. You don't get a vote.

I am not a lady, nor "in the house."

Therefore, I offer no advice.

Re: I am not a lady, nor "in the house."

I beg to differ, my friend. I have it on good authority that Shane Scott is always in the muthafuckin' house.

Huh. Thinking about it, I think that would be okay. A friendly "okay, maybe some other time" response would show that you're cool with it, so if she's just having a crappy time and just doesn't want to do anything right now, and you run into each other again later, the lines of communication are still open.

Socially acceptable and devious. Kiss me, I love it!

I agree with the the lady. She be right, yo.

Also agreed! Polite, respectful, yet totally noncomittal with an I-don't-need-you-in-my-life-to-be-happy twist! Always the way to handle rejection!

Give her a Cunt punt, make her pee blood, and then make her drink said blood. That's my advice.

Jesus Christ. I can't take you people anywhere.

Maybe I should have just said "No comment."

I'm sorry, my friends are... kind of off. They sometimes forget that (mostly) normal people come here, too.

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