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One last bit of post-whorebaggery before the itis kicks in
Daredevil Pie

Geez, man, whatever happened to child-safe caps for medicine?  Someone has apparently decided that the ability of the elderly to get to their pills is more important than keeping the grandkids from OD'ing.  I just bought a bottle of Advil and I swear the cap on that thing wouldn't stop a developmentally disabled orangutan with three fingers and no thumbs.  It's literally squeeze two big tabs with almost no resistance behind them and twist.  I could open the thing with my chin.

Also:  Today has officially been Best Day EVAR.


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glad you enjoyed it; kinda lame on the other side of campus.

I left work two hours late and it still wasn't enough to put me in a bad mood. The fact that my day kept getting better even after I got home was just icing on the cake.

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