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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
Probably not going to do anything for Spring Break. Cooper's break is next week, which I knew but I'd completely forgotten, so doing anything with her and Dave is out, beyond a day trip to Birmingham.

Which, actually, is a pretty good possibility, since I'll probably be going up at some point that week to do some shopping.

For some reason I've got it in my head that I need to make myself at least a pair of stakes, and the idea has filled itself out to such a degree that I can only look at it as an indicator of how boring and unfulfilling my life truly is. At any rate, I realized today that I don't really have a good whittling knife, which is going to be a crucial piece of equipment if I'm planning on carving stakes. So i guess I'll have to buy a new knife. Boo hoo.

That's going to be my spring break project, along with swapping out my entertainment center for a TV stand and a DVD shelf.

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If you have one, I'd recommend using a utility knife for making the stakes. Those things really cut through, although you'll probably have to get something less sharp for the finishing touches, they do well for rough slicing.

Fuck, you're a genius. I'd kiss you if you didn't hawk mosquito-loogies out of your mouth.

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