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(no subject)
Runnin' with Scissors
-- I'd previously thought that maybe it was just shitty quality on the mp3 that I'd downloaded, but no, even the album version of Innocent When You Dream (78) sounds like it was recorded over the telephone. Shit, maybe it was.

-- I've gotten a good bit of cleaning and organizing done in the apt this past week, but ultimate lethargy has set in in the writing department. A slew of entries and emails will likely go out while I'm at work tomorrow and this weekend, as I'll be in the shop for a good chunk of either Saturday, Sunday, or both.

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lallalalalalalalala! Hi!

I need to Get Things Done. You should lend me some of yours.

You sound like you're trying to find your Get Things Done. I've also been looking into learning how to sew, as in "make my own clothes" sew, not just "patch a hole or stick a button back on" sew. The more I think about it, the dumber it seems that I don't know how to do it.

My mate and I were recording a song and we wanted his voice to sound distant and hollow, so while I played and sang in the living room, he retreated to the farthest possible corner of the shack, which happened to be the bathroom. I hudled over the mic and he wailed while sitting on the throne.

But yeah, Tom's voice just sounds like that on that track. He does a lot of stuff with megaphones and voice recorders to get that effect. See also, Chocolate Jesus.

I'll see if I can find the link and email it to you, but I saw an interview online not to long ago where a friend of his said he called her up one day while he was in the car, because he wanted to play something for her that he'd just come up with.

On his tuba.

What a glorious and strange man.

A dear friend of mine has his nephew enrolled in her after school program. Which means that she talks to his sister everyday when she comes to pick up her kid. Which means she gets autographed stuff when she thinks to ask.

I tend not to obsses over celebrities. But he sure is the exception.

I only very recently started =actually listening= to Tom Waits. I credit that to my musical tastes maturing as I've grown older. I heard a little bit, years and years ago, when I was in high school, maybe, and my reaction was something along the lines of "Ugh. What the hell is this?". But then I heard a snatch of "Heartattack and Vine" in Hellboy, and I tracked it down and gave the whole thing a listen, and it was like "Holy shit, this is genius".

That particular album, Heartattack and Vine, is possibly my favorite of Waits' productions.

And also, Leigh telling me on more than one occasion "You should listen to Tom Waits, I think you'd like him" didn't hurt either.

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