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(no subject)
Critical Failure
My life is rated NC-17!

Your life is rated NC-17!

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The above is all too true, and something that I've been meaning to touch on for a while; unfortunately it's going to have to wait until I'm feeling at least somewhat better.

I've felt absolutely horrible for the past two days, and as much as I hate to say it or even think it I have an awful suspicion that I'm developing a sinus infection. If a night of rest and self-medicating (with actual medicine, not with bourbon) doesn't straighten me out then I'm going to take a sick day and see if that helps. I might even take Michelle's advice and take two, if I can get away with it.

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Take care of yourself, man.

No. That doesn't mean I'm suggesting you kill yourself.

Sorry. That wasn't him. It was me.

Take Michelle's advice. She's a professional taker carer of people.

She's also an incessant nag and will Mommy out on you if you get worse because you don't fight off illness in its early stages. It will annoy you, but you'll know she's right. And, she'll hold that over your head. Just ask.

It's all out of love, you understand.

hey, your on a lot of my friends lists and brandi suggested i add you since i was looking for new lj journals to read. so i hope you dont mind that i added you.


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